Finding the right people

Safemind works with customers and candidates within the technical and IT sector. We recruit people for a wide range of positions, including developers as well as executives. Safemind also works with assessment, which can help determine on a deeper level, who is most suited for a job. It can also be used to help develop a workgroup or assist you when your company grows.

The key to any company’s success is the people who work for you. Finding the right person for each position is however difficult and time consuming. Recruiting the wrong person can be a very expensive adventure. Most companies have realized that it is best to make use of expert knowledge when recruiting someone for a job. Safemind combines knowledge and experience within recruitment, consulting and assessment in order to help you find the right job, company or candidate.

Knowledge, experience and time

Safemind has that knowledge. We have many years of experience within recruitment, a large network and contact with a vast number of competent candidates, whom we find through several recruitment channels and advertising. We continuously monitor and follow trends and development and make use of modern tools in searching and finding the right person for your company.

You’ll find our available positions on our swedish web site. Welcome to Safemind!

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